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These days audio engineers are a dime a dozen. So when looking for someone to partner with, dedication, good-nature, and experience are key players in a successful project. 

Isy is a professional Audio Engineer, working in audio post production, podcast production, and music production. He has experience in Sound FX Editing, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Music Editing, Music Production, Mixing, and more. Isy is a certified Audio Engineering and Audio Post Productionist. He is also multi-certified in the use of ProTools and Logic Pro. His experience has included a variety of different roles, ranging from Sound Design for video game characters, Sound FX for Nickelodeon cartoons, Sound FX for National Geographic documentaries, and producing/editing podcasts with production companies such as Podfly, Come Alive Creative, and Resonate Recordings.

Isy also has a professional background in music, having been formally trained in performance and theory. He has a seasoned ear for details in sound. While this of course benefits him with his music, it also plays a huge role in audio production - having an acute awareness of sound quality, pitch, rhythm, and contour.



Post Audio

  • Dialogue Editing & Cleansing

  • Sound Design

  • Sound FX & Foley

  • Backgrounds

  • Mixing

Podcast Production

  • Technical Consulting

  • Equipment Setup

  • Hosting Account Guidance

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Video Editing

  • Sound Design

  • Mixing & Processing

  • Recording

Post Audio // Podcast Production // Musician


"Isy is amazing to work with! He always delivers amazing quality, on time and to fit our exact requests. We were completely new to the podcasting world a year ago, and Isy’s knowledge of all things audio production, and willingness to answer our zillion questions, made the process of getting started seamless and fun."

Xan Sibley: Co-host and Co-creator of The One Degree Podcast

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 4.04.36 PM.png


Explore samples of projects Isy has worked on

(Engineering/Sound Design)

The Accidental Plan Sponsor

World Reimagined: A Nasdaq Podcast

*Intro theme by Josh Suhy

The Outthinking Investor

Good Medicine On The Go

Sound Design

Sound Design Demo Reel

Sidewalk Confrontation Scene

*From Sci-fi Audio Drama "Tranquility", by Nick Duke

Tranquility: Sidewalk Confrontation Scene
00:00 / 00:33


Before/After Mix sample of "I Leave Behind" 

*By Travis Bushey. Mix, Master, Drums, Bass, and Vocals by Isy Nieves

I Leave Behind
00:00 / 00:52


Tel: (951)-966-6941

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